Change America NowMake college more affordable
Lower the cost of prescription drugs
Repeal oil tax breaks
Raise the minimum wage

Change America Now (CAN), led by Americans United For Change, USAction and Campaign for America’s Future, is a national campaign effort being mounted by nearly forty groups in thirty one states to pass through Congress the economic elements of the 100 Hour legislative agenda as outlined by the Speaker Pelosi in the U.S. House of Representatives. Nexus 7 Wallpaper

Known as the CAN 100 Hour Agenda, Change America Now has supported legislation during the first 100 legislative hours in the House of Representatives in early January to increase the minimum wage, lift the prohibition on Medicare negotiating with pharmaceutical companies for lower prescription drug prices as part of the Part D prescription drug plan, cut the interest rate on student loans in half to make college more affordable and end tax breaks for big oil companies and invest new resources into alternative sources of energy.

Currently Change America Now is part of the Campaign to Save Children's Healthcare, a coalition to reform and expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program. This legislation would provide health insurance to 10 million low and middle income children.

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A Project of
Americans United
US Action SEIU ACORN UFCW AFL-CIO People for the American Way League of Conservation Voters National Council of Churches Sierra Club NCPSSM
Campaign for Americas Future CSS Beauty Older Womens League American Family Voices United Church of Christ Campaign for College Affordability National Organization for Women United States Student Association AFOP NASW
American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees USPIRG LULAC NEA Move On Progressive Strategies Alliance for Retired Americans Center for American Progress Action Fund Legal Momentum Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

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